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Monday, August 15, 2011

Samsung Gets New Naming Schema

It looks like Samsung is changing up the ways they name and label their smartphones.  They will be keeping the main names, Galaxy, Wave and Omnia, but will be adding letter designations based on the market they're going after.  The Galaxy line will remains as the Android flagship, the Wave the Bada (Samsung's own OS) flagship and the Omnia will remain the Windows Phone 7 flagship names.  The difference comes in the letters after the main name.

There will be four classes within each main product:
  • R - "Royal" or luxurious class of smartphones, aimed for the most premium versions.
  • W - "Wonder" or high tiered smartphones, aimed for the high end users, but not quite at the premium level.
  • M - "Magical" or mid tiered smartphones, aimed for the mid market users.
  • Y - "Young Minded" or entry level tiered smartphones, aimed at the younger generation, who're looking for cheaper, entry level smartphones.
 In addition, there will be additional descriptors after the name to differentiate the products further:
  • Plus - Will signify the smartphones that had a change in their specifications but no major redesigns, such as the Samsung Galaxy S Plus.
  • Pro - Will feature physical QWERTY keyboards, as found on the Samsung Galaxy Pro.
  • LTE - Will signify that the smartphone has access to LTE networks, and thus better network speeds.
This is an interesting choice to take, and it somewhat feels like the naming convention used on cars, with different trims.  This change in the naming convention seems a bit confusing at first, and one has to wonder what will become of the current rumored handsets that don't follow the new naming schema, such as the Samsung Galaxy Q and the Samsung Galaxy R.

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