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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Fit Review

Samsung has been on a dominant spree in the smartphone market, especially for higher end devices. That doesn't mean they've forgotten the middle tier and entry level markets. The Samsung Galaxy Fit is the entry level version of the Samsung Galaxy S. For people who can't quite afford the Galaxy S, the Galaxy Fit may be the device to check out.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit has a candy bar design with a 3.3 inch capacitive touchscreen taking up the front of the smartphone. Below the display are three shortcuts for menu, home, and back. The home shortcut is actually a black button, very similar to the one found on the Galaxy S. A chrome bezel goes around the Galaxy Fit, giving it a more classy look and feel.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit fails slightly when it comes to performance. Android 2.2 on the Galaxy Fit runs fairly smoothly with bits of lag here and there. It only comes with 160 MB of internal storage which is definitely a small amount. Call quality was decent, with slight echos for both incoming and outgoing, but overall decent.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit has an easy to use interface as it uses Android. TouchWiz does enhance the user experience slightly, giving it an iOS like feel. Beginners and older users alike will easily be able to use the Galaxy Fit's easy touch interface. The 600 MHz processor does have a bit of lag and TouchWiz may be the cause of some of the lag.

Like the Americanized versions of the Galaxy S, the Vibrant and Captivate, the Galaxy Fit features a 5 megapixel camera with no flash, LED or Xenon. The picture quality is decent though any pictures in lower lighting conditions will turn out horrible. The video recording is sub par and comes off as choppy. It also offers GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi.

Overall the Galaxy Fit is a decent entry level smartphone for folks who cannot afford to reach out for the more expensive Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S2.

Design - 3/5
Performance - 2/5
User Interface - 3/5
Features 3/5

Overall Score - 11/20 - Buy When It's on Sale

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